A wine of great intensity, with a reddish-purple color that expresses its youth.

Its aroma is clean and direct, of red fruit, wherein berry notes stand out, dark fruit (prune) and touches of dried flowers and spices, contributed by the Mandó. Fresh and light opening, with nothing interrupting the luminosity of the fruit.

Its movement in the mouth is fluid, despite its concentrated apearance. Sumoll and Mandó take center stage in this wine, giving it texture and tension, making it more amiable and decomposing the structure of the Cabernet. The result is a wine with a great deal of extract, with an overall dominance of its sweetness and sensations of lightness. The reminder of dark fruit, the freshness of the acid and red fruits from the Sumoll, and the dried flowers and spices from the Mandó weave together to give complexity to a wine that claims, from its notable youth and purity, very high-end sensations.